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My Aussie hates hates hates other dogs

I own a Mini Aussie, something happened to him in his first 4 months as a pup I’m certain, before he came to me. I’ve never had a dog this aggressive,

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Aggressive 9 week old Pomchi

I have an older lab mix, 6 or so and a 9 week old Pomchi who is making her life miserable. Any time he can get to her he is biting and growling and she

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Food aggressive Australian shepherd English bulldog mixed

Hello I have a 13 month old Australian shepherd and English bulldog mixed. He have been aggressive when we give food to him. He will growl at us when we

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Scared Mum

i have 2 dogs 14 and 13 with cateracts and one has become very angry, aggressive and bullish to the point of picking serious fights with the other...attacking

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My daughter's 10 month old great Dane is sometimes agressive with me! .

When I am sitting on the couch, she will get right in my face, sometimes she wants to be petted, loved, to go outside or to be fed! She can be so sweet

Continue reading "My daughter's 10 month old great Dane is sometimes agressive with me! . "

Owners father aggressive pit bull mix

This dog will sit lay down rollover shake speak ifyou say it has bit my daughter when she reached to pet him bit her boyfriend for the same and attacked

Continue reading "Owners father aggressive pit bull mix"

Aggressive blue nose fawn male sibling towards each other recently fighting one another

I have 2 blue nose fawn pitbull male puppies and just lately they have been fighting each other, they are around 6 months old. They aren't nuttured but

Continue reading "Aggressive blue nose fawn male sibling towards each other recently fighting one another"

Aggressive Samoyed

We rescued our boy at 12 weeks. He has stenosis of the spine, scolisis, a hernia, and carpal laxity. We went through major back surgery at 6 months to

Continue reading "Aggressive Samoyed"

Aggressive Alaskan Malamute puppy

Hi there! A couple of weeks ago we got a two months old Alaskan Malamute, male puppy. From day 1 he is prone to biting (not nibbing), growling at us, did

Continue reading "Aggressive Alaskan Malamute puppy"

Aggressive terrier mix

I adopted My now 6 yr old terrier mix from the shelter. He was surrendered by his last owner and came out with a kennel cough. He had no energy and was

Continue reading "Aggressive terrier mix"

Aggressive spitz/rat terrier

I have a adorable 7 year old spitz and rat terrier dog. Who was abused in the past but now he will get aggressive and bite/ nip at pant legs. How do

Continue reading "Aggressive spitz/rat terrier"

Aggressive Rescue Bichon Sheltie Mix

My husband and I rescued what we thought a 5 yr old Bichon Poodle male mix we found out after the rescue the mix was actually Bichon Sheltie through a

Continue reading "Aggressive Rescue Bichon Sheltie Mix"

Aggressive sisters

I have two, two year old Maltese poodle siblings. They have become aggressive toward each other during the last year. They become jealous around my husband

Continue reading "Aggressive sisters"

Aggressive St. Bernard/ Poodle Mix

Our four and a half month old puppy is sometimes aggressive with us, most notably when it comes to food. If she has a treat and finishes before our smaller,

Continue reading "Aggressive St. Bernard/ Poodle Mix"

German Shepard mix with Gemini aggression

My dog was rescued at 3 months and from day one has been going to the dog park and meeting new people, he’s always been friendly and loving and playful

Continue reading "German Shepard mix with Gemini aggression "

Black Mouth Cur 7 months old- Biting, nipping

Hello.. our Black Mouth Cur (7 months old) goes absolutely crazy when either my husband or myself returns home. She barks aggressively and whimpers to

Continue reading "Black Mouth Cur 7 months old- Biting, nipping "

Presa Parent

Hello there. I am the owner of a 3 year old Presa Canario. He came into my life as a gift from a co-worker when I lost my dog in an apartment fire and

Continue reading "Presa Parent"

Aggressive yorkiepoo

My yorkiepoo is 2yrs old, is a bitch. We got a kitten around 4months ago and after a while the dog was fine with the kitty. Now she sometimes turns on

Continue reading "Aggressive yorkiepoo"

Aggressive boxer

My neighbor has 2 aggressive boxers. They charge at me barking and showing teeth when they see me outdoors. I am 79 year old widow. I am afraid they will

Continue reading "Aggressive boxer "

Agressive Chihuahua

Help! My husband and I recently moved into our motorhome with our two chis – ages 7 and 3. The 7 year old has always been jealous of the 3 year old. She

Continue reading "Agressive Chihuahua"

Mrs E M Richardson

15 Month old Scottish Terrier Growling Lunging Biting

Continue reading "Mrs E M Richardson"

Dog agressive boxer rescue

Sweet boy

My pup is very docile. Except going on walks and we encounter another dog. Body language is the only way I know he is upset. He has no warning system.

Continue reading "Dog agressive boxer rescue"

Aggressive lab mix

Rescued a lab mix @ 10 months old. She is 4 now. She is walked daily and exercised often. She is either part pit or boxer. How do I help her overcome her

Continue reading "Aggressive lab mix"

Lunging bully pup

When i walk my dog i always have him on a lead as he is a big boy when he was 12 wks old a dog of leash came and lunged at him followed by another the

Continue reading "Lunging bully pup"

Aggressive/protective terrier

I have a 6 year old terrier (male, nurtured) who is becoming more and more aggressive. If I am alone in a room reading and Ollie is in the room with me

Continue reading "Aggressive/protective terrier"

Aggressive Scottish Terrier

I have a 5 year old neutered Scottish Terrier male. I rescued another Scottish Terrier male that's not neutered but are very scared and just loveable.

Continue reading "Aggressive Scottish Terrier "

Aggressive English bull terrier female puppy

I have a 5 month old English bull terrier who has become aggressive to my son's miniature schnauzer. They were fine for the first 2 months but suddenly

Continue reading "Aggressive English bull terrier female puppy "

Aggressive change in 2 year old Beagle mix

My Beagle, Rya, is almost 2, and recently she has been without warning attacking our other two senior dogs. A little history, we got her at about 2 months

Continue reading "Aggressive change in 2 year old Beagle mix"

Aggressive Mtn. Cur

Our 3 yr old female, Mtn. Cur, named Copper suddenly and viciously attacked a 12 yr old female Australian Shepard, who she knows. The Aussie is a growler

Continue reading "Aggressive Mtn. Cur"

11 month old female pittbull aggressive toward smaller female in the home

We have 5 dogs two are pitts. Suddenly my 11 month old 50 pound pitt Myah and my 2 year old 10 pound min pin/ Chihuahua mix Lexi started fighting and

Continue reading "11 month old female pittbull aggressive toward smaller female in the home"

Aggressive chihuahua

We have a 7 year old male who clings to my mother’s heels. Whenever she leaves him at home however, even for just an hour to run to the store, he runs

Continue reading "Aggressive chihuahua"

Eddie and Cartman

My my husband was on the couch with our 2 dogs Eddie a dachshund and Cartman chuweenie, we aren't sure what happened but they started fighting 1st time

Continue reading "Eddie and Cartman "


Theo is 5 year old whoodke. Wheaton /poodle Generally living g dog. But high anxiety with visitors. When my 6 year old granddaughter comes over. He

Continue reading "Theo"

Aggressive Rottweiler

Hi All, Recently, my 8 year old Rottweiler has started acting aggressively towards myself and my roomates. Over the past 3 days, he’s lunged at me for

Continue reading "Aggressive Rottweiler "

German Shepard with Aggressive Tendencies

Hello! We got a male German Shepard about 2 years ago that was roughly a year old when we rescued him so we do not know much about his puppyhood other

Continue reading "German Shepard with Aggressive Tendencies "

11 month old bulldog

We have an 11 month old English Bulldog female and just got a 10week old male bulldog. The female has attacked the younger one twice in the last 10 days

Continue reading "11 month old bulldog"

Aggressive 7 year old German Shepard

I have a 7 year year old German Shepherd that growls at the littlest thing. Growls of you try to pet him or just walk beside him. He didn’t start doing

Continue reading "Aggressive 7 year old German Shepard "

Don't really sure.

I have a 17 weeks german shepherd puppy male. He always bites which we try to give a toy instead and praise for him chewing that instead of us, however

Continue reading "Don't really sure. "


I have the world's sweetest 15 week old mini-aussie. He is literally a cuddle bug... except when he is not. Yes, he does the normal puppy nipping in play

Continue reading "Rubicon"

Super aggressive medium sized Blue Heeler

HELP!!!!! My almost 6 month old female Heeler (FeeBee) is very aggressive towards other dogs. Ive had her (a couple oweeks ago) out in a communal, LARGE

Continue reading "Super aggressive medium sized Blue Heeler"

Aggressive playing

Just adopted 2yr American Bully from shelter.hes very loving but gets wound up quickly and is pushing into me and climbing up and wanting to play bite.

Continue reading "Aggressive playing"

Aggressive cavachon 10 week old puppy

Puppy was 9 weeks and calm when he arrived. He is eating and drinking well. After about 3 days he is becoming increasingly aggressive with biting growling,

Continue reading "Aggressive cavachon 10 week old puppy "

Beagle being aggressive

We have 2 Beagles about 4 years old 1 can be aggressive with his brother he bites at his ears and will draw blood this only happens once in awhile he won’t

Continue reading "Beagle being aggressive "

aggressive mini dobie mixed

I have a mini dobie mixed that has become aggressive at times toward me the male of the house and yes he is male also. He was very loving until he spent

Continue reading "aggressive mini dobie mixed"

Aggressive Lab Mix - 10 years old

I have a rescue who is 10 years old and have a hard time even taking him for a walk due to him being so aggressive. He attacks the neighbors dogs as well.

Continue reading "Aggressive Lab Mix - 10 years old"

Aggresive minni foxy puppy to other dogs

My old boy lanky and my puppy franky

I have a 5 month old male minni foxy hes very playfull loves tug of war games and chasy i have an old male jack russal who is very quiet and has arthritis

Continue reading "Aggresive minni foxy puppy to other dogs "

Agressive lhasa apso

My dog suddenly turned aggressive towards family at 3 years . He bit my bro my mom badly 6-7 bites all over legs and dnt leave her till date its been

Continue reading "Agressive lhasa apso "

White boxer

I have no control over my white boxer. He is 4 years old, not only does he not like other dogs he doesn't like other people either. I also have his brindle

Continue reading "White boxer"

Territorial 3 Year Old German Shepard

My boyfriend and I gave just recently moved in together. He has a 3 year old german shepard named Murph. Murph is a wonderfully dog. He has been lightly

Continue reading "Territorial 3 Year Old German Shepard "

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