Territorial 3 Year Old German Shepard

by Maris

My boyfriend and I gave just recently moved in together. He has a 3 year old german shepard named Murph. Murph is a wonderfully dog. He has been lightly trained but for a while a lot of things he has been taught have not really stayed consistent. I understand that this breed is very protective/territorial and anxious and I know that it is going to take a bit for him to completely warm up to me. I have started to try and gain his trust by giving him treats but making him sit and stay before giving him the treat or his food. He seems to be used to me and even like me at this point!
What we are struggling with now is that every morning when I wake up to get ready for work and then re enter our bedroom (where he is still sleeping with my boyfriend) he will see me enter the room and let out a big intimidating growl and sometimes bark. This happens when I come in the room and especially when I get on the bed and lean in to tell my boyfriend bye. This doesn’t just happen in the mornings. This happens basically anytime I get close to my boyfriend whether it’s to hug or be affectionate in any way. I underhand that it’s a dog and it’s nothing detrimental but it’s kind of hard to have a dog in my own home that is making me this uncomfortable. I don’t know how to fix this problem and have no experience in training dogs.
Is there anyone who had any suggestions??

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