We have a 9 wk old blue Pit puppy. Do u think she will be a good companion for our 5 month old boxer who is deaf??

by Lori L.
(WV )

I need opinions and suggestions on my situation which is: We have a 5 month old White boxer puppy named Maggie. She is loved by my 3 children who are teens, my parents and of course myself.Maggie is deaf, So I thought by getting another puppy for her 2 grow up with would be good for Maggie t0 have a companion to hopefully teach her as well and become long life best fur friends. I now have Bella, A 9wk old female American pit. They play ruff, For an example they run around, However they do growl and nipple on each other but they sleep together, Also eat together. When they eat they want to share the same food bowl and eat together. They do that calm and no fighting or growling whatsoever. I had ppl suggest I get rid of Bella the pit puppy b/c #1 they said they are scared she will hurt the boxer along down road, #2 Ppl say pits are dangerous dogs and will turn and not good with children. PLEASE EVERYONE GIVE YOUR HONEST OPINION AND ANY SUGGESTIONS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECITED! THANK U IN ADVANCE

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