Aggressive Chihuahua Terrier

by Brittany
(Peoria, AZ, United States)

My dog's name is Zero. He is a Chihuahua Terrier mix. We found him over a year ago in our front yard and decided to take him in.

We think he is about 3 or 4 years old. And when we first got him, he was fine. He got along with the other dogs perfectly fine. When we had people come over he would bark at the door like the other dogs but then would stop once the others did. No harm done.

Then about a few months ago he started to get more aggressive. He's still fine with the other dogs in the house, but now when we take him to the dog park he barks and tries to bite stranger dogs. And now when people come over he keeps barking at them and bites at their ankles and knees.

There was no harm done until recently he bite one of our friends knees and broke skin.
We really don't know what happened and don't know what to do.

He is a really sweet dog to everyone in the house and to the other dogs in the house, its just when strangers come around he gets violent.

I really don't want to put him down or give him away. So if there is something I can do to fix this problem I would love that.

Thank you,

P.S. He is neutered.

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Aggressive Yorkie / Chihuahua Is A Jekyll & Hyde

by Dee

aggressive yorkie

aggressive yorkie


We have had our Yorkie / Chihuahua mix since she was 6 weeks old. She bonded immediately with our 6 year old Chihuahua and -- for the last year and a half -- she would follow her about, sleep on her, and generally be happy just to be with her.
However, about 3 weeks ago, our little Yorkie / Chihuahua has started randomly attacking her "big sister" for seemingly no apparent reason. It has happened on five different dates, at different times of the day, and in different places. Each time, it is terrifying because it's like a switch was flipped and she instantly and viciously turns on the older dog. The older dog doesn't defend herself well and the Yorkie / Chihuahua literally won't let go until she is pulled away.

This is a 360 degree switch from her normally cuddly, loving, and non-stop kissing personality. In every other respect she is terrific -- comes on command, waits for treats until given the okay, stops barking at "no" and does not beg at all for food. She is one of the most affectionate dogs we have ever owned. However, I am too fearful this will happen when we are not present and I cannot fathom finding the older dog seriously injured. The last attack caused distress (and a couple of cuts) so I had to ask my son to take her to stay with him.

Is there a better solution?

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Aggressive Chihuahua, Beagal, And Wiener Dog Mix

by Vanessa
(Arnold, Mo.)

My 1 year old mix Tippy is very aggressive around other dogs. He even got loose one day and tried to take on a bigger dog and lost which resulted in a vet bill and a few stitches.

It took 6 months to potty train him. I've grown very much attached to him but just recently bit my 3 year old son, Now my son I believe to a point instigated it by trying to take away his rawhide toy.

I'm working on teaching my son, Yet more importantly I need to make sure my dog doesn't bite my son again or worse next time, I don't want to have to get rid of my dog.

I've also noticed my dog trying to take food from my son and I'm very worried!

Can anyone help give me some advice?

Thank you


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Aggressive Rescue Dog (Chihuahua-Corgi Mix)

I adopted Roscue, a long haired Chihuahua-Corgi mix from an animal shelter about two months ago. The shelter told us he was out in the wild by himself for six months before he was caught and brought to the human society. Before we adopted him, we spent one on one time with him and he showed no sign of aggression and only seemed interested in being cuddled and loved on and we took him home immediately. All was going well, he was sweet, loving, and got along fantastically with the family puppy.

About a week ago, Roscoe started barking at small noises that hadn't bothered him before. (We live in a subdivision by a highway. Noises are frequent. He never seemed bothered by these before.) He has also started growling at us when we bring our faces near him. This was something he didn't mind before. In fact, he loved giving kisses. Now it seems like he's afraid that we'll bite him or are trying to attack him when we do that.

When I took him with me to visit some relatives, a family friend stopped by and startled him. He barked at her and growled when she attempted to pet him.

He and the puppy play frequently and engage in play-biting. They were both neutered about two weeks ago. Could either of these things be a contributing factor in this sudden change of behavior?

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Aggressive Chihuahua Pug Mix Breed

by Charlotte
(South Wales)

My dog is just under a year old, she hates people, other dogs, cats and especially hates anyone coming in to the house, or even walking past the house. The only people she likes is people she met in the first three weeks of me bringing her home, she has never liked people and other dogs when we take we take her out.

I thought it was perhaps a phase but now recently she has started going for people when they walk past or come in to the house. She actually trys to bite them, I can't believe it, if she knows you she's the nicest dog in the world I don't know what to do, I've tried methods but it just doesn't work I really need help, please what can I do?

I'm afraid to take her to the ves incase they think she's to aggressie and take her away from me, it's really affecting me she constantly barks a little noises thinking its someone comin in the house or a dog.

Please help ?

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Puppy Mill Rescue - Chihuahua Dauchound mix

by Alexandra S
(Toronto, Canada)

My fiancé and I adopted a rescue from a puppy mill close to 8 months ago.
Gioia (pronounced Joy-a) was estimated at 5 years of age and was rescued before being killed from the mill she was kept at for the duration of her young life. We took her in only weeks after being rescued. She had no idea how to be a 'dog' - everything from going for a walk, to going to the washroom outside to eating out of her food bowl was a completely new experience. Toys would make her cry... And she didn't even bark until weeks after being home with us. Incredibly good, quiet and reserved, we practised the no look, no touch no talk until she was able to get a bit more comfortable in her new surroundings.
About a month or so after being home - she started to become aggressive most noticeably with my fiancé (who lives with us), most men in general and towards select strangers. She was diagnosed as fear aggressive by a few trainers and we've been working with professional to help her through this stage and into a more balanced life. Her aggression has led to bites - a few on my fiancé and one on my mother-in-law. She's small - so she doesn't cause a lot of damage, but the biting isn't something we want to occur ever again. She's been around children and other adults, and my only real conclusion is there is no rhyme or reason that we can pinpoint in terms of what makes her react/ tick. Sometimes she's great... And other times she enters into a red zone, growls barks and has to be restrained.

When it comes specifically to my fiancé, her behaviour is so erratic and unpredictable it's incredibly difficult to move forward. There are times where she allows him to pick her up, put on her sweater, give her a bath - and alternatively, there are moments where even the mere sight of him puts her into a rage. We've crate trained her and that's where she sleeps at night. We practice teathering her in the house to better control the moments where she's reacting. We can easily ignore the behaviour this way, without having to put our hands on her in an effort to de-sensitize her to whatever is making her tick. This was one of the tips the trainer gave us.

Anthony (fiancé) does all the feeding, walking, treating - as per the trainers direction. She'll take food, treats and toys from him no problem.
We do notice that the aggression is much worse when I'm around. She seems to be over protective of me. But is not limited to situations like that alone. Anthony brings her into the office with him almost everyday of the week - again.. In an effort to help her build a bond and realize he's a good person in her life, not a threatening one.

We assume this all boils down to her being confused about the pack, who is in charge and how to react. After 5 years in a cage, left to breed and never having been socialized, we know this will be a long journey, but we can't seem to get her to gain Anthony's trust. She's completely fine with other dogs - most happy in fact when she's around them. Although we do notice she tends to try and steal away toys and treats! Not sure if this coupled with the above provides greater insight.

I'm looking to this forum in desperate hopes there's some advice or direction one of your professionals can offer us. Adopting and the elimination of puppy mills is a cause close to my heart, and is the reason we brought this little girl into our life's. We recognize her behaviour is the result of her past - and wed like to do everything in our power to help her past it. It's been ingrained in us by our last trainer not to try to "make up" for her past. Not to baby her etc - as it won't help her move forward and grow... So we don't. We feel like we are doing all the right things and getting close to nowhere...

She is the light of our lives regardless ... And we will love her and care for her no matter what. It was be great to be able to get over this - mostly for the bond I know my fiancé tries everyday to build with her. We're a family and her new pack - we just need someone to explain how to best communicate that to her in a way she'll understand!

Sincerely appreciate your time in reading this

Alexandra, Anthony and Gioia

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snarling, nippy chihuahua/terrier rescue pup

by Lu-Anne
(Edmonton, AB, Canada)


We adopted a rescue dog about 3 weeks ago. She's approximately 8-9 months old (according to her papers and veterinarian check-up. Her name is Halo.

She's about 8 pounds of complete cuteness. However, throughout her time with us, she is simply nasty with other dogs, including our shihtzu (who is 6 years).

Throughout my life, I have never owned a dog who exhibits this behaviour. Although, I have brought dogs into our lives as puppies, usually no older than a 3 or 4 months and my first priority has always been socialization and house-breaking.

Halo, when introduced to other dogs, she whines/cries, barks. When actually meeting them, she wrinkles up her nose, shows her teeth, then snaps...all within a split second. If we even see other dogs on our walks in the neighbourhood, she barks incessantly.

My shihtzu has tried to play with her, but continues to get nipped, even though it looks as though Halo is playing (play stance, running circles, etc.).

When introduced to my sister's two rescue dogs (who are large mixed breeds, but gentle as can be), she also snapped and growled at them.

I have worked with her to try and correct her, but don't feel I'm getting anywhere.

I have been reading up on toy breeds, searching for local puppy socialization/training, but I am unsure who to trust, and what to do to correct this.

Any advise you have would be greatly appreciated. Or, alternatively, any suggested reading, approved trainers, would also be appreciated.

Thank you....

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Aggressive Chihuahua

by Stefanie

I adopted a dog today 3/19 and the dog acts perfectly fine around me and my mother. I brought her home she was fine, my boyfriend got home I had her on a leash and she ran to him and loved all over him. We went into the house, he went into the kitchen took off his coat and she ran from the living room to the kitchen growling and baring her teeth then nipped at him. She finally settled down got in her bed he walked past her and she nipped at him again. We both sat on the couch and she jumped between us cuddled up next to him and fell asleep. He got up to change his clothes and when he came back into the room she charged at him again growling baring teeth and nipping at him. I have no idea why she's acting like this she was perfectly fine when we did a meet and greet but now she has this nipping problem. What do I need to do to fix this I have an 8 year old nephew that has already fallen in love with her when he met her at the meet and greet and I don't want him to get bit by her.

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My aggressive chihuahua/shitzu

by Sasha
(Reading pa.)

I just bought my chihuahua/shi tzu from a friend she's two yrs old she will not let a nybody touch her I don't wanna give get back I really like her does anybody know why maybe it takes time or will she ever get us to us?

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