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I live in an apartment and adopted a12 year old sheltie from the humane society. The dog is female, was just spaded 2 days befor I adopted her. She was very calm and kinda in a daze when I brought her home. The paper work on her stated she was not kept in a kennel, but had free range of the house. They said she was house broken but did have an occasional mess now and then. The paper work also said the dog did not have access to a fenced yard and most days was confined in the house 18 hours and on a typical day 4-6 hours tethered. She seemed to be well taken care other than that, as her coat is beautiful and her teeth were clean and no dential disease at all. She is very loving towards me and is very good with people when they come in to my apartment and get to know her.
My problem is she goes crazy whe someone comes to my door and knocks or rings the bell.
She charges them and barks. I walk her and she does the same to everyone, unless she knows them. She does the same to other dogs. Her tail wags but she charges and growls and then starts to fight when she gets close to another dog. She has nipped or tried to nip 3 different people. When she acts this was I hold her nose and tell her no and scold her. This usually calms her down but I'm afraid she will hurt someone and I will have to put her down. She is very protective of me. I have owned dogs all my life and have never had as an aggressive if a dog before. When I'm alone with her she is a love. She won't even get on my furniture when I invite her to. When I'm gone however she is on the back of my couch barking like crazy at people and dogs passing by. I don't want to get rid of her and I need help with this problem.

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Jul 02, 2015
Teach Your Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash
by: Adam G. Katz

Yes-- you can fix this. It's what we call "dog aggression" (in contrast to handler aggression).
You need to focus on two things:

1. Teach your dog to walk on a loose leash around all distractions. If she's on a loose leash, she cannot be paying attention to you and the other dog at the same time. It's either one or another, and if the leash is loose, then she has to watch you because she cannot FEEL from the tension in the leash, where you are.

2. You'll need to learn how to give a motivational correction, so that she clearly understands that this behavior is unacceptable. If she already knows that it's unacceptable, then the issue is that your correction is not firm enough, or you're not using the proper training collar (or it isn't fitted correctly!)

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