New Aggression In 10 Month Old Weimaraner

by jo

Help! I have a weimaraner who is 10 months old who has become aggressive during the last month (it seems like it started after he returned from an overnite stay in the animal ER for eating a rock-yes, he's a genius :) ).

Previously, I took him running everyday, took him in the car frequently, and took him to soccer games, all without any major issues. He barked very loudly if someone came to our house, etc., but calmed down fairly quickly. His basic obedience training has gone ok (sit, stay, not eating off of counters, etc.).

Now, his loud barking has become VERY aggressive when someone approaches our house or car -- even if it is a visitor he has seen many times. This morning, our neighbor came over -- my son held the dog back b/c he was going crazy and sounded vicious. My neighbor thought she could "calm him" so before we could do anything, she tried to pet him and he bit her in the hand.

Because he isn't aggressive when I run with him, it seems like it is more of a situational issue.

I need training advice --

Do I punish him when he barks at the doorbell? or try to distract him and give him treats so he develops a positive association with people arriving?

I have a muzzle to use if necessary, although he hasn't worn it much (also have a remote training collar I can borrow).


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Jan 17, 2012
Here's How To Stop a Weimaraner From Being Aggressive
by: Adam G. Katz

Hi, Jo:

You need to tell your Weim "No!" an then administer a leash correction. It's as simple as that. He's still young, so this really should be pretty easy to fix. Get a pinch collar, learn how to use it (I go into more detail on this, in my book-- it's not rocket science!) and let him wear the tab/short leash, so that you can grab and give a correction.

If you don't want to eliminate the barking at the door, praise him for barking, and when you're ready for him to stop, just tell him "Quiet!". If he ignores you, then administer your leash correction.

The trick to all of this is fitting and using the training collar, properly... in addition to: Timing, consistency and motivation.


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