Growly American bull dog

by Shannon


So my 4 month old American bulldog has growled at three people, picking him up when he is tired or sleeping. First he lunged and growled at a friend when she tried to pick him up to move him closer to her on her couch. Then I was running out of the house and he was sleeping on the couch, when I went to pick him up to move him in with my boyfriend he growled. Last night my boyfriend tried to move him off the couch to sit down and he growled he didn't lung at either of us just let out a growl. Now is this some claim over the couch? He gets lots of exercise and also goes for a day at the bark park (doggy daycare) a week. I have grabbed his muzzle and said NO very firmly. i have made him get off the couch and I have pinned him. Anyone have any suggestions to help me help him pass this growly attitude before it leads to something worse.

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Administer a motivational correction
by: Adam G. Katz

Your problem is that your dog didn't get a motivational correction for exhibiting the aggressive behavior.

It will happen, again. Plan on it. Be prepared, and have a way to administer a motivational correction, when it happens-- so that your dog knows in no uncertain terms: This behavior will not be tolerated. I go into more detail on how to do this, in my book.

Keep a leash and collar on your dog when you're with him -- so that you can start correcting the aggression.

Here's what I advise:

1. Use a muzzle.

2. Teach the dog obedience exercises, so that he learns he must hold a sit-stay and down-stay, regardless of distractions.

3. Make him hold these commands (gradually) around more stimulating environments. If he shows aggression, correct him back into the sit-position. All while you're working with him or in public, he should be wearing the muzzle until you get him so that he's not longer showing the aggression.

4. Work boundary training exercises, which will quickly teach him what "No" means.

5 Use the "No" command if he shows any aggression.

Right now, he either doesn't understand what "No!" means; Or he doesn't trust that you'll keep him safe.

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