Best Chew Toys to Reduce Aggressive Dog Behavior

by Deborah H.

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Aggressive behavior goes beyond excessive furious barking. Aggression is actually common, despite the dog’s breed or age. An aggressive dog is typically tense due to unconsumed energy. That’s why some dogs expand aggression from animal-to-animal antipathy to cracking and destroying everything that stands in its way. You can rebalance your dog’s behavior by providing it with the best chew toys that are almost indestructible.

The best chew toys available out there can reduce aggressive dog behavior as long as they stay unaltered and safe. Specialized brands have sensed the tendency of dogs to chew and bite toys too much and came up with products that might even last for a few months – compared to regular toys which get destroyed within minutes. In this article, we have selected the best chew toys from major specialized brands to help your dog calm down.

West Paws Zogoflex Zisc Tough Flying Disc Dog Play Toy
Your medium to large-sized dog will have a great time running outdoor after this toy. The lightweight disc is aerodynamic. The toy flies like a hard-plastic disc but feels soft between the dog's teeth. Since research is critical before making a purchase, you can read more reasons why specialists declare this disc the best of its kind. There are resources which thoroughly address the most popular chew toys for aggressive chewers chew toys for aggressive chewers, including pros and cons for each item.

You can purchase the disc toy even if your dog is small. The 6.5-inch version addresses lower-sized breeds, while the 8.5-inch item calms down even a Labrador Retriever.

Kong Goodie Bone
Kong is a brand that focuses on creating (almost) indestructible toys for aggressive barkers and chewers. The synthetic bone has holes on each end instead of the center to avoid creating air pressure. The toy focuses more on chewing than running so; your dog will have less time to bark.

The toy is available in small, medium and large sizes to fit all breeds and it is entirely made of all-natural rubber. You can go even further. Stuff the dog’s favorite treats into the bone. The chewing session will therefore keep your dog quiet and relaxed.

Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring
This toy works wonderfully for large-sized dogs and pit bulls who enjoy biting and chewing things. The surprising detail about the Goughnuts ring is that the company offers a blanket guarantee. If your dog adequately chews the toys outer layer, you will get a new one.

Moreover, it is safe and durable. There were a few cases of destructions, but these are exceptions. The toy is versatile enough to bounce and float and roll around on the grass. This therapeutic toy is colorful, engaging and can lead to long playtime sessions.

Bacon Benebone
A dog that asks for food every time you eat might get distracted by the Bacon Benebone. The toy is flavored with bacon and designed in a Y shape to fit the contour of the dog’s jaw. The wishbone works best for gripping play.

Even a puppy can freely chew without choking. The chewing toy can be used both indoor and outdoor. Although getting the bone wet might alter its flavor, you can throw the bone on the grass or any type of ground.

Nylabone T-Rex
The dinosaur chew toy has a design that attracts dogs as it looks similar to an animal. Since aggression often manifests towards other dogs, the toy is attention-grabbing. The toy is designed for intense chewers to clean their teeth from plaque and tartar buildup. According to a study with results we might predict, the owner determines the dog’s aggressive behavior, instead of breeds. When you engage a dog in playing during puppyhood, you help it focus its energy on this activity instead of excessive barking, biting or chewing.

The toy works well for puppies during the tooth changing process. It’s also suitable for dogs up to 50 lbs. If the dog manages to alter the T-Rex toy but enjoys and misses it, you can additionally purchase the
Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus.

Outward Hound Invincibles Plush Frog Stuffingless Durable Dog Toy
This is that new toy you should purchase for your dog when it gets tired of its main one. The squeaking toy works for puppies and small to medium-sized dogs that don't have the sharp teeth that come with a large breed.

The Outward Hound is one of the best chew toys for a reason – it contains no stuffing. You get no mess after play time is over. It's reinforced with double-layered seams and turns plush into a durable fabric. If you mind the squeaking, you can let the dogs play in their favorite places. You will need a bit of monitoring since the toys eyes can be chewed off and swallowed. However, the toy lasts longer than any other plush item available out there.

BONUS: West Paws Zogoflex Tux
The Zogoflex Tux chewing toy works two ways – it keeps your dog calm while providing it with treats. You can stuff even food in the toy and keep the dog engaged in playing for hours. Since West Paws manufactures the best chew toys available now, it also designed an item made from a patented material – Zogoflex.

The toy can bounce and float when empty to engage highly active dogs. The dog runs for the toy, chews it and can play indoor, outdoor or even when you’re away on vacation.

Playing with the Best Chew Toys
Aggressive behavior is sometimes also triggered by the dogs need for attention. When the dog doesn't get it from you, it looks for surrounding elements and sees other dogs. You can spend quality time with your favorite pet and turn it into a calm one when playing.

The best chew toys are here to reduce aggressive behavior for the longest possible time. Even though they're not entirely indestructible, the above items can make it up to a month.

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