Aggressive Tired Puppy

by Ed

I have two sibling puppies that are about 14 weeks old. At around 11 weeks, one of the puppies started getting very aggressive when it was tired, at around 7 PM. Once it is tired and lays down, it does not want to move. If you try to pick it up, put a leash on it, pet it on its back or hind quarters, it will bite hard enough to draw blood (significant blood drawn about 5 times). You can pet its head.

Both puppies are boys (for now) and are scheduled to be fixed in a few weeks. also, fyi, they are golden retrievers.

Any thoughts as to what to do when a puppy gets nasty like this?

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Human Issue
by: Adam G. Katz

Really, you have a human-issue, not a dog issue.

That being said: You can experience a 100% turn around in the dog's behavior in about a day and a half. Here's what you need to do:

1. Learn how to establish a proper relationship between you and the puppy. This is a dominant, working dog breed. And you need more skill to deal with this dog.

2. You need to learn how to give a meaningful correction, so that your "No" command is both understood and has meaning.

I go into how to do this in my book, Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer ...

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