Aggressive Springer Spaniel

by Ciaran
(Dublin, Ireland)


I have a Springer Spaniel who is nearly 11 months old. He has a problem which is worsening quickly. He takes things that aren't his and hides under the table. Things like clothes/stuff from the bin etc. Every time you try and take it off him he snarls, growls and bites. It is only with things he doesn't own. With his own things he doesn't mind you taking them off him and playing, so he knows he is being bold taking things that aren't his because he runs and hides. It is not out of boredom because it has happened just after walks and play. We've tried giving him treats to drop it, we've tried shouting and putting him outside (This only made him worse and if you need to move him from one room to another he snaps now), we've tried coins in a can (He was scared at first but then it stopped working), we've tried spraying him with lemony water and nothing has worked. Any help would be really appreciated as we are reaching breaking point!


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May 26, 2012
Leadership Issue
by: Adam G. Katz

You have a leadership issue.

And you're making the assumption that he "knows" he's doing something wrong. Which is debatable. But even if he does... it begs the question: He knows it's wrong, but he looks you in the eye and does it, anyway?

You need to establish yourself as the pack leader. The way we do this is by starting with the "Nothing In Life Is Free program, and also correcting him for the aggression with either the pinch collar or the e-collar.

What you're currently doing is simply not a motivational way to correct the dog.

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