Aggressive Shepherd

by Joe

My dog (purepreb working line german shepherd) that I rescued is fearful dominant and territorial. He lunges, growls, and attempts to bite anyone who gets up off a seat, turns his or her back to him, walks in front of him, or does anything really to anyone who is not my girlfriend or I to whom he is extremely loving and affectionate. The problems has worsened because he now does it to people he was once nice (albeit aloof) too originally. No one who he has done this too is willing to work on it with him and I because they are too freaked out. He currently takes 200 mg of Trazadone a day so he is highly medicated for anxiety. He is yet to pop off at anybody while on a leash but being I live in the highest density neighborhood in Minneapolis, I have resorted to muzzling him. He knows all basic commands and I have been playing the LAT game with him, but it does not seem to work one bit. I can tell 90% of the time something is going to happen because his pupils completely dilate (adrenaline). No matter how much re-direction work we do it doesn't work. Im not willing to part ways with this dog. Any Advice?

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May 29, 2014
Meaningful Correction
by: Adam G. Katz

What you're going to want to do is:

Buy and learn how to properly use the pinch collar. This will allow you to correct your dog in a manner that is meaningful. The choke chain collar is very difficult to give a motivational correction with. And it requires more "muscle" than I like. The pinch (prong) collar is more like power steering.

Let the dog where a short leash attached to the collar, when you're in the house with him. Learn how to give a meaningful correction when he displays the behavior.

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