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Mar 01, 2013
Turning Aggression into Respect

I agree with Adam G Katz~I have an 8 mo old GSD~I hired a GSD trainer and she gave me worlds of advice~NEVER hit your dog~I know, I've slipped on that advice a time or two. Training your dog that you are the alpha dog (the one in control)is a 1st priority. This is done with a pinch or prong collar and consistent training on basic commands starting with treat rewards. Don't get discouraged. Depending on the dog, the training will either go smoothly or be a bumpy road with set-backs. Your dog must learn to respect you but in a positive way. your word is law. In the house, make him wear the prong collar with a house leash (4 to 6ft long)and let him drag it around~prong collar must be snug but not painful~when he misbehaves, give a sharp tug up once or more depending if he gets the message. It only takes a few times of feeling the collar tugged and they learn. Don't make your dog afraid of you, just respectful and wanting to be with you. My boy still tests me but I just lay down the law in a firm way without instilling fear. Hope this helps~

Jan 29, 2010
Leave a Pinch Collar and Leash on him
by: Adam G. Katz

Let him drag a leash attached to a pinch collar, while you're supervising him in the house. Set up the behavior, and give him a firm leash correction.

Then walk away.

Never hit your dog.

Adam G. Katz is the author of, "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!" -- which you can find at

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