Aggressive male Border Collie

by Brenda Cullen-Hernandez
(Livermore, Ca)

Jax came to us at 2 months. I flew and got him from a ranch in Kansas and brought hm home in my lap. within 2 weeks we noticed growling showing his teeth, not puppy nibbles or mouthing , out right aggressive behavior. We began with a trainer immediately, all based on treats and LOVE. this and a broken paw at Home depot ( small break) did not help...within 2 weeks Jax was the pack leader and aggressively coming at us...lunging, biting. Another trainer, same LOVE and treats...worse he was literally trying to perch higher than all of us, jaws stronger and biting was with things in his mouth he wanted...more scents of us from kleenex to socks to actually anything in his mouth...try to take it he bites you. doesn't get his way he may bite you. We have spent thousands of dollars. Sent him to an excellent trainer in Livermore, Ca called Purple training. Jax is highly trained. We have had to begin using a muzzle almost full time and a pinch collar with a very expensive shock collar that gives humane taps of tens unit taps rather than a shock...either way the aggression is somewhat better and we are on this absolute daily regime like boot camp to try and show Jax we are the "pack Leader"

honestly I'm reading such alike stories about other border collie's. but no real answers ):

We have hope with what is happening with our work with Hannah/purple but there are days we just want to give up. No rescue will help Jax... hope what we are so dedicated to trying to correct stops this aggressiveness.

anyone out there?

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Jul 15, 2018
Become The Pack Leader
by: Online Dog Trainer

Become The Pack Leader

Of all the questions that people ask "how to become the pack leader" is the big one! This is by far the most important question how to convince your dog that you are the person in charge. Think of the pack leader as the decision maker - where you should go on the walk, how to behave in different situations and how to respond to all the strange things that are out there.

When you understand how dogs packs work you soon realize the importance, that pack leader makes all the decisions. If you leave it up to your dog then there a big chance that your dog is going to get something’s very wrong and make a mistake!

In order to understand how to become the pack leader you must first recognize that the following means nothing to a dog….

What car you drive, the size of your house, the money you earn or the fact that you speak languages! Your dog would happily swap all of that for a nice snack!

Asking your dog to sit before her dinner falls a long way short of what you need to be achieving to become the pack leader and walking through doorways is only necessary when your dog is on the lead.

Lastly - dominating your dog is certainly not the way to become the pack leader in fact this can back fire badly on you later on if you teach your dog that physical strength is what it is all about. Whilst you may force your dog into submission it will not be convincing your dogs mind that you are worthy of the position and that you should become the pack leader only that you are a bit of a bully.

So how do you become the pack leader? All dogs worldwide, regardless of breed use the same ways to check to establish the pack leader. The best way to learn about how to put it into practice is to watch it being done on video as I have done through one of the video based web sites. The important areas to take control in are the following:

The pack leader will be in total calm control when your dog barks and alerts you to danger. This includes anything that your dog may perceive as dangerous and barks at in and around the property
On the walk your dog should not pull you at a single stage, even the beginning! Learning to walk your dog properly can only really be learnt through video as I have found out!

If you are the pack leader then your dog should be able to relax and switch off completely inside the house. If your dog is always switched on most of the time and can’t relax then that is your dog on pack leader duty!

Getting your dog to switch off is directly connected to how you meet and greet your dog after your return home. You need to watch it on video it is so subtle but it is the difference between being the pack leader or the follower.

Lastly, feeding your dog correctly will establish who is the pack leader and there is much more to it than asking your dog to sit! Also if you have a dog that is "not food motivated" then you may be in for a surprise!

There is one site that shows you – using video – exactly how to become the pack leader and how crucial it is to changing any behavioral issue.

If you want to understand more about this topic or see the videos that explain everything then simply take a look at:

The Online Dog Trainer here.

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