Aggressive lhasa apso

by Abbie
(United kingdom)



My story/question is about my 11 month old Lhasa Apso 'Ralphie'

i bought ralphie at 7 weeks old, I know now that I spoilt him a bit to much, I took him everywhere with me,

When I first got ralphie he lived with me, my partner and my 3 young siblings, so he has been brought up around children, other dogs and a good amount of people so he is used to all of those,

About 4 months ago he started growling at me a lot, which I was suprised as I am the one he spends most time with, takes him for walks, etc, after the growling there was a time and he had something in his mouth that he wouldn't drop, it was dangerous if he ate it so I tried to get it off him and he bit me and dragged me to the floor as he wouldn't let go, I was in shock and didn't know what to do, I shouted at him and locked him in another room.

As the weeks went on he was snapping at just me, but now, he has bitten my younger sisters, they was sitting at the table last week and he went under and attacked their feet, left marks on their skin!

It's even down to little things such as stroking him he will bite on occasions, not every time, I was on the couch and he was sitting next to me asleep and I stroked him and he bit me and cut my skin.

When we go to my grandmothers house she loves ralphie and gives him treats etc, but today we went to her house with my younger siblings, and he was sitting in front of my bag, so as it was time to go home I went to get my bag and he went to bite me, only I moved quickly so he didn't catch me, I felt nervous to go by him again and was trying to get him to leave with us but he wouldn't so my grandmother tried to put him lead on him and he attacked her! This has really worried me now as I'm worried if he can do it to the closest people to him he will do it to anyone

any advice please ??

Thankyou in advance

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