Aggressive Golden

My wife and I are having the issues mentioned here with our 10-month old Golden Retriever male, Dezmond. No matter the time of day, he is very aggressive in terms of biting at our hands, legs, pants - really anything about us he can grab hold with his teeth. When we try to grab him to either put him into a tummy-time and/or muzzle hold or try to grab him to put him into time-out, he jumps back and wants to be chased all while jumping at us growling, barking, showing his teeth, and biting.

Additionally, he exhibits the same behaviors on our walks - jumps at the leash (getting tangled), biting at my hand, legs, and feet.

We have tried the following: shock collar, water spray bottle (regular water and mixed with vinegar), tummy time back bear hug holds, hand over muzzle hold, time-out for a few minutes in his pen,walking away to ignore him, extending toys instead of body parts to bite, Himalayan bones to chew, and the Pet Corrector pressured container spray.

We truly love Dezmond and love to pet him, snuggle with him, and play with him - but are unsure how to combat his constantly aggressive behavior. We trained him in the basics as a puppy at our local PetCo, but are considering further training now due to his aggression.

Any words of advice? How can we show him that we are dominant and that he is not allowed to act in aggression towards us?

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by: Anonymous

Dezmond has taken to the frequent habit of nipping at our hands whenever we are near him (seated or standing). In our attempt to pet or grab him to bring him closer in hopes of calming him down, he growls and barks with a mean snarl - backing away in what seems like a form of playing but more violent than playful due to his bark and bite.

Any insight is desired.

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