Aggressive F1 Cockapoo puppy

by Praveen



I am in Toronto downtown. I have a 2 month and a week Cockapoo puppy. She is very aggressive and growling most of the time. Its been 10 days since we brought her to our apartment. The first two days she was scared and always crying. We gave a place near our bed but she doesn't wanna sleep there, but instead she kept crying for like 20 mins and came to our bed. on the day time she came to the sofa. It was only for the first two days. AFterwards we always try to put her to sleep at her place but she jumps upon the bed after sometime and sleeps (our is low bedding). But other than this, she has a separation anxiety, she shivers and cries a lot if left alone in a crate like spot which was given her with few toys.

So the first four to six days the growling was towards my leg when I walk. I kept shouting "OW" or "Ouch" and she was little softer for two days and now for the past three days, she has become more and more aggressive and its like that for most of the time. We stopped her from getting to the bed, She still tries to sneak up but we grab her and put her at her place. We did this repeatedly for the last day and a half. Now she has a small realization that we are serious about this. As far as the aggressive growling, running around like a mad dog and biting very hard has been happening for the past three days and dont know how to stop her from doing it. tried asking her to SIT, saying NO, she listens but doesnt obey. she listens to SIT only at the feeding time. I am very concerned if it could be changed. I was thinking of buying a clicker today to see if she will atleast hear and respond something instead of just doing her own thing.

In the first few days, when her growling was occasional, we put her in her crate like spot (not close to our bed) for sometime as a time out. she keeps crying and squeaking after few mins and we take her out only after asking her to sit and she sits for one sec and then again starts crying. This past three days, we did not put her in that spot as it sounded like punishment and I read somewhere it will only increase this behavior.

I know its been only ten days since we have her, but i wanted fix this aggressive growling and that behaviour from the beginning. my wife has had dogs before and even she says this is too much. Please direct to a solution

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