Aggressive Corgi Mix

by Valerie
(Lawndale, CA)

Interdog aggression with Pack Mate has become a problem for my 4 year old Cardigan Corgi mix.

She has always been somewhat pushy, but controllable. We have a total of 3 dogs, all small, including 2 chihuahua mixes (one 12 lbs & one 7 lbs). About a month ago, all 3 dogs were attacked by a Pit Bull that got loose.

The 12 lb dog got away and ran toward home, but was bitten on the leg. The other two and I finally got away from the Pit Bull after the owners got him away from us.

Now, the Corgi mix is attacking and biting the 12 lb dog wildly if they are not kept separate. I am beginning to go crazy. She has caused wounds to him a couple of times. I have an appointment with a trainer/behaviorist on Friday, but was wondering if anyone has a similar experience.

I will report any success I have with the trainer, but I really would like the peace restored in my home. I get very nervous when they go at each other even when she is wearing her muzzle (probably a big part of the problem).

We used to have 3 large Rotts and never had aggression issues with any of them. Help!

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Jan 07, 2011
Correcting The Interdog Aggression Issue
by: Anonymous

The issue you're having is one of simply not communicating properly with your dog. This usually happens because either:

- Your dog doesn't understand that this behavior is undesireable.

- Your correction is not motivational/meaningful.

Figure out which of these issues is the cause of the problem, and then focus your efforts on remedying the issue.

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