Aggressive Cane Corso

by Tera
(Newark, Ohio, u.s.a)

This is what she looks like now.

This is what she looks like now.

I have a 11 month cane corso that became aggressive a month ago towards my other dogs and cats. We have had her since she was 3 months old.

She is ok with our other puppy that is about 6 months old now. We have been seperating them for a month and I have been wanting to reintrorduce them to each other so we don't have to seperate anymore. She is not aggressive towards any people, just other animals.

It started one night when my mother was eating in my livingroom and my cane corso attacked my chow mix and my whippet mix got into it also. We put them in a different room and while I was doing that my cane corso went after my eldest dog and we had to put her away too. I'm not sure how to reunite these guys. All of them are females and never had a problem until now. Can you help me please?

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Feb 13, 2012
by: Tera

Hi, Tera:

I'd recommend starting the "Nothing In Life Is Free" approach. You're going to also want to start training obedience exercises with the training collar and leash. This will teach her to respect you, and it will also teach you how to give her a motivational correction -- so that if you tell her that "This behavior is unacceptable!" -- she will respect you.

Since it's such a strong, powerful breed, I would not hesitate to work with a professional in your area. Ask around and find somebody with experience training working dog breeds for sport competition, such as Schutzhund.


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