Aggressive bully

by daniel b.
(chicago ,Illinois)

Hi my 14 month old American bully has tried to bite my brother inlaw during the 4th of july celebration, no fireworks no loud talking just went from layong down relaxing to walking up to him and just went for his bicep and just last night nipped my other brotherinlaw. I thought maybe because he doesnt really see them and they have that cautious look when they see him m but today he tried lunging at my brother who he sees almost every other day.As soon as my brother walked thru the gate he went straight to bite .mind U that hes been around my brother a few days ago just fine and now i can see that its male humans that hes going after .

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Apr 29, 2018
7 month old female American bulldog
by: Anonymous

Hi, I recently bought an American bulldog. I’ve had her now for almost two months.
She is a lovely puppy with behaviour over excitement and jumping a lot.
Were I don’t understand what’s happening is when try to walk down to the back yard. N on my return from the back yard.
It started pretty much on the first day we got her.
Her energy changes.
She’s runs ahead of me than turns around and eye balls me.
For the first two weeks I didn’t get it.
But she blocks my path.
If I try to move at all I am confronted with lunging biting anywhere on my body she can get to.
It’s powerful and terrifying.
She also does this to my mum.
We are now under a dog trainer but don’t understand what’s happening.
She can also be like this when we let her in the house.
Biting hard and jumping.
Even after she has been walked.
Toys don’t work as distraction neither do treats.
Have resorted to putting her outside as soon as it happens.
Than once quite I let her bk in.
This seems to work much better.

Nov 27, 2015
Nothing In Life Is Free
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