Aggressive Biting Black Schnauzer 15 week pup

by Lee B.
(Cumberland RI)

It is now 15 weeks old Hanz my Black Standard Schnauzer. He still is extremely aggressive in biting. Has taken a piece of my upper ear off, broken my skin on my arm, black and blue and just now attacked my throat like I was a dog or something. I just don't know what to do. he is loved by everyone and has a great temperament truly with everyone he meets and is good with the 2.5 year old boy. But for some reason he sees me as an extreme threat and I find myself afraid to play with him. So basically because of this I keep him pretty much in his pen then take him for walks put him back in his pen but I never ever hold him touch him get close to him at all because I am petrified of my own dog. I have tried numerous things like Popping the jaw, holding down the jaw, putting my finger in his mouth to almost feel he can't breathe ( vet told me to do that one), spanked him on the butt, spritzed water at him, tapped him on the nose, said no, stop biting etc. I have come to the conclusion that if he keeps this up I will either have to send him to a Behaviorist/Dog Whisperer, Get another Schnauzer for stimulation since he always wants to play and there are no other dogs available at his age or let him go( euthanize).

I really am beside myself since I brought him to doggy training which has helped with commands but this Biting is So So horrific that I am scared he will snap one day maybe not now but one day and attack by accident the 2.5 year old who loves him and only wants to nicely pet him.

Any help please

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Nov 27, 2015
Nothing In Life Is Free
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