Aggressive 5yr Old Female Mix Rescue From Another Country

by Nicole

Jip in Thailand

Jip in Thailand

I have just adopted a rescue dog, Jip, from Thailand. She had lived in a shelter with many other dogs, all her life (5yrs). She had a long week, from the flight, to living in another city for 4 days with a foster until I could get her today. After driving 4 hours today to get home, she slept most the way and was very sweet. But when I brought her home, that is where she met my other rescue dog, Dexter. I have had Dexter for 5 yrs, since he was a pup, and is very well behaved and listens to me. I am his "alpha".

When I first introduced them, it was sniffing as usual. However, a short time later, she was given a toy. When Dexter came near she beared her teeth and growled. She even did that with his toys. I took away the toys hoping that would end the matter. But then she took possession of that and that is when the altercation occured.

I yelled for them to stop, nothing happened. I moved closer to both dogs, then they took notice of me and started to back away. I sent Dexter to the other room and waited until Jip layed down.

I know it is very different for her here and that she has been through a lot this last week and more. It truly has been a hard life. I am hoping with hard work and love and affection she will be a great addition to our home.

Please help.

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Mar 12, 2012
You didn't correct Jip for the behavior, though...
by: Adam G. Katz

Hi, Nicole:

Your problem is that Jip didn't get a motivational correction for exhibiting the aggressive behavior.

It will happen, again. Plan on it. Be prepared, and have a way to administer a motivational correction, when it happens-- so that Jip knows in no uncertain terms: This behavior will not be tolerated. I go into more detail on how to do this, in my book.

In addition: Start teaching him obedience training exercises, and make him do behaviors he doesn't want to do. (Ex. Down-stays around distractions and making him stay down). That builds dominance/leadership and makes your corrections more meaningful.

- Adam

Adam G. Katz is the author of, "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!" -- which you can find at

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