Aggressive 4 month old Pomeranian

by Jeanie Marie Cagle
(United States)

Greetings! My name is Jeanie and I am a proud owner of a 4 month old Teacup Pom named "Mac Daddy"! He's a great puppy, sweet, playful, energetic, etc. However, he loves to "play bite", and his teeth are razor sharp, so needless to say it's pretty painful! That is just when he's playing! Mac Daddy has quite the temperament! He chews on EVERYTHING, so I've been forced to open his mouth and get whatever he has gotten a hold of out so he won't choke.

This morning, Mac Daddy had what I think was a piece of his pig ear. He loves them and there great for helping keeping their teeth clean! As usual, I saw him chewing on something so I went to get it out as usual and he attacked my hand, brought blood, (super gross, I know), It made me very angry at him. I had a sweatshirt on and I pulled my hand all the way up in it and I tore his butt up with my sleeve. I didn't hurt him, it was more my tone he's afraid if. That's the thing, Mac Daddy becomes crazy aggressive when removing things from his mouth, or when he wants to get in to something he is not supposed to, and you physically stop him, he becomes aggressive!!!

I can't have him biting out of anger! If he continues, then I cannot imagine how bad his bites will be when he looses all adult teeth! I'm so attached, he's a part of our family for sure and I DO NOT want to have to get rid of him, but I will. Otherwise, I'll be getting sued left and right! No kidding! HELP!!!

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Nothing In Life Is Free
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