Aggresive Dachshund

by Coralee
(Calgary, Canada)

My Daxy is normally the happiest dog in the world, he loves people, kids, other dogs. He growes mostly at night, if I ignore him he just goes away but if I talk to him and try to pet him he growels and I believe he would bite if I pushed it. He growels when I bath him, non stop for 10 minutes and then one big growel when he leaves the bathroom. It started with me and now he growels at all people at night. I tried holding him on his back and going in all fours until he gives up to show him who is boss becuase it worked so well ith my jack russell but it made him worse.

Please help as it is getting worse.


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Feb 02, 2014
You Can Fix This Aggression
by: Adam G. Katz

"You're going to want to give him a motivational correction-- but not one that's too motivational, otherwise there is a the possibility of him becoming defensive. I detail how to do this more explicitly in my "Secrets" book that you can download at"

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