140lb Akita With Good Temperment

by Andre Pontbriand
(Port Hueneme, California)

Akita With Good Temperment

Akita With Good Temperment

I have a 5 year old male Akita I am trying to socialize with 2 small dogs.

One of the small dogs is aggressive towards my Akita. When we walk them together, they seem fine, but the smaller dog will growl, or raise his lips when we sit together, or go to his home. He has done this to other dogs. Both(my Akita and the small dog)are male.

A few nights ago, the smaller dog tried to bite my Akita, and the Akita picked him up in his mouth and got aggressive. The smaller dog has puncture marks, but is ok.

My Akita gets along with all people, and I have been training him to see me as pack leader. He is good off lead, and has only responded when another dog charges, or bites.

I welcome any ideas. Having the larger dog, means he will always do the damage, and I would like to deal with it on my end.

Thanks in advance for ANY advice.


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Nov 28, 2011
Owner Issue, Not Dog Issue
by: Adam G. Katz

Hi, Andre:

If I'm understanding your post correctly:

You're allowing your dog to be attacked, and then you're faulting him for defending himself?

Adam G. Katz is the author of, "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!" -- which you can find at DogProblems.com.

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