Very un-docile lab puppy 10 weeks old

by Marie

Our pup has been with us for 2 weeks. He has settled in very quickly, sleeps through the night and naps often through the day. He is very mouthy, we have cleared the kitchen of things he shouldn't have and provided many opportunities for appropriate chewing. We have tried to be calm, consistent, positive, benevolent. Yet pup had turned into devil dog mainly with me (the sole female). Aside from all the usual puppy mouthing, thru' which we have been doing 'bite inhibition' work ie, OW! and leaving for a few moments, or distracting with chew toy etc, he does grab at clothes, especially mine. He nips at me, usually when he's tired and it seems to have become a habit. He is now swinging round to bite my hand regularly, even just when i go to stroke him. Last night, as I came in with him from the garden after his toilet break I was gently moving him from the door so I could shut it (he was in the way) and he grabbed my hand and chomped down with quite a bit of force and tugged. I had blood going all over the place. He was going quite mental, then grabbing at the carpet, towel, my clothes. It was ugly. Today he has started whining and growling when I go upstairs. Growling and jumping up at me to get on my chair. Growling from his crate as he goes to sleep. And generally nipping at me for any reason.Today I feel very depressed and despite all positive reinforcement, being calm, distraction etc etc I feel like I have gone really wrong somewhere and don't know where to start to get us back on the right track before someone else (or me again) gets hurt.

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Nothing In Life Is Free
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