Snarling Aggressive Shepard Mix

Help! I have an almost 5 month old shepard mix and when hes eating his toy or bone and I go to pet him he turns around and snarls and barks at me. He got into the garbage the other day and took out a piece of pizza and I went to go pick it up and he turned around and bit me. He wont let me take his toy or bone from him while hes eating it. I dont know what to do about this. He has started doing this more and more lately. Help!

We got him when he was 4 months from the pound so I dont know what his history is but any help would be great!


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Jan 20, 2012
Aggressive Shepard Mix
by: Kris

Read information from the internet or from the dog book about being an Alfa Dog!

My shepherd mix has started to show some aggression when I reach to take his food bowl or especially bones...

*So first, put in Google search being an Alfa Dog...and follow step by step.

*Teach him simple obedience like - sit, down, come.....and that really helped me with the aggression was a trick when I went to say hello to my dog, that he would belly up and I rub his belly...the dog on his back and belly up for You is a sign that he is lower in the chain than he must hear you.

*While he is eating, face him with straight back, make yourself bigger and proud and say "leave it" and take the food bowl away,when he lets you- give him a treat and return at once the food, so he knows that even if you take the food and he lets you , you will return it to him. 1-2 time per meal is okay.....don't practice that too much, it could irritate your dog finally.

*Look up again in internet "leave it" dog is also 5 months Labrador Shepherd mix...and he almost gets the leave it command every time, but I keep practicing. When he gets the idea, it is also easier to take away from him something that it is not allowed to chew on or even dangerous for him.

*After I started to comb him with a brush and slowly-slowly he is letting me, it also give me more control of him and he listening and respect of me.

*With food now, we are okay, while he is eating I put my hand in the bowl and take some food for his Kong toy ...I sometimes have trouble with the bones still.

He bit my husband very hard when he tried to take from him a dangerous bone and snarled, he took a newspaper roll it and slap him on his bottom with does not hurt the dog but it startles him...that something that he has done was wrong...while asking 3-4 time like this on the 4-th time he got the bone from him.

Also now he is giving him the bones even just to practice to get it away from him.

P.S. I do not agree with punishing the dog or hitting the dog to hurt him, but he will be a big and mighty dog so better get control over him now, when he is still a puppy and even now not so small anymore.

I hope my tips help you, as they helped me with my snarling Shepherd Labrador mix.

Just patience and keep in mind that your dog is still a pup, but he understands already good, of not, its up to you to teach him what is allowed and what's not.

Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

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