My Dog Is Aggressive Towards Everyone But Me

by Mike

I got my dog as a stray puppy 6 years ago in Miami. He is a 100 pound mixed breed most likely blood hound/German shepherd. He grew up until age 3 on a farm coming to work with me every day and getting to run around and interact with the other workers and dogs at the farm. I never worried about his behavior there he was as sweet as can be he played with another workers 4 year old son and strangers, no problems. I have another dog that is part pit bull and is as sweet as can be that I got around the same time.

When we moved to Alabama it was a 17 hour car ride and he stood up and panted the whole way. When we got out of the car at my home he became aggressive with my family members who tried to pet him. Ever since that move he has never been the same. He is aggressive towards all people who attempt to touch him with the exception of me. He is not aggressive towards other dogs in fact he gets along quite well with them.

He minds my commands and walks well on a leash. He even will walk pretty well with other people once on a leash. However when not on a leash ANYONE but me who attempts to touch him in any fashion will get growled at and if they continue he becomes more aggressive towards them. Again he is not aggressive towards me in the least nor towards other dogs, only people, even my girlfriend of 3 years who he is around everyday.

This is not an exercise energy issue, in Alabama we would take 3 mile walks in the woods almost daily with a group of 3 other dogs and the behavior persisted. If people ignore him he is not aggressive at all, it is only when they attempt to touch him does he become aggressive. I have no idea how to correct this behavior please help.

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Nov 09, 2012
Get A Muzzle
by: Adam G. Katz

Here's what I advise:

1. Get a muzzle.

2. Teach the dog obedience exercises, so that he learns he must hold a sit-stay and down-stay, regardless of distractions.

3. Make him hold these commands (gradually) around more stimulating environments. If he shows aggression, correct him back into the sit-position. All while you're working with him or in public, he should be wearing the muzzle until you get him so that he's not longer showing the aggression.

4. Work boundary training exercises, which will quickly teach him what "No" means.

5 Use the "No" command if he shows any aggression.

Right now, he either doesn't understand what "No!" means; Or he doesn't trust that you'll keep him safe.


Adam G. Katz is the author of, "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!" -- which you can find at

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