German Shepherd Recently Started Growling at Friends

by Stacy
(Mabank, TX)

Hutch and my son

Hutch and my son

Hutch and my son

Hutch is my two and a half year old, intact German Shepherd. We’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old. He’s very playful, outgoing and mild mannered, obeys well and doesn’t bark a lot. We’ve had three occasions in about 6 months where he has growled (2X) and snapped (1x). The first was the snap when a lmale friend approached Hutch through the window. He leaned down to let him smell his hand, and Hutch aggressively growled and snapped. He did not make contact because of window screen. The second time was when a friend of mine came by to borrow something that was outside in the shed. She opened the door, and Hutch tried to come inside. I was standing nearby in the kitchen. When my friend, who has spent a lot of time with Hutch (she watches him when our family goes on vacation), told him no he growled at her. The third time is very similar to the second. The friend is in the doorway but on the third time, I was by Hutch and not inside. Neither of these times has he become aggressive with her. He has only crowd like he was trying to warn. Hutch plays regularly with my grandchildren who range in age from 2 to 13. He’s never once indicated any aggression toward children or other adults besides these two. Should I be concerned, and if so, what should I do? Oh, we also have a miniature schnauzer who is Hutch’s best friend. The schnauzer shows no aggression.

I know this may seem like a minor issue compared to many of the others I’ve read, but I want to be proactive and prevent anything that could potentially go wrong. I love my Hutch puppy.

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Jun 07, 2018
How to Stop Dog Aggression
by: Online Dog Trainer

How To Stop Dog Aggression

If you want to understand how to stop dog aggression let me start by asking you two rhetorical questions!

Firstly do YOU start the aggression with your dog simply joining in?
Secondly does your dog listen to you just before it behaves the way it does when you try show it another way to behave?
The answer will of course be the following:

At the point your dog starts to become aggressive he is taking no notice at all of you.

He is making his own decisions and will not listen to you if you try to show him a different way to behave. What he is doing is simply too important to him and is the right thing to do. Dog aggression is nearly always done in order to protect, their pack and their own lives.

Firstly there is of course a whole range of different types of aggression from dominant to fearful and everything in between. Then there is aggression that occurs the whole time and other aggression, which is very erratic, and random depending on a number of differing factors. We could also look at what your dog is aggressive towards; it could be people, animals, other dogs or objects.

The way to stop dog aggression however is very much the same, or at least the cause of the problem is the same. Your dog thinks that it is the pack leader, becomes fearful and attacks to protect, you and himself. Dominant dogs will be more proactive, often attacking when they still have the option of running away, fearful dogs will only attack if they have no place to run. All the other factors pale into insignificance compared to this.

The most important concept to grasp if you want to understand how to stop dog aggression is that your dog must first look to you as the pack leader in the home. (This is the easiest place to convince him you are the decision maker.) Only then can you convince him that you are the pack leader on the walk. There are some fantastic video sites now that show you exactly how to become the pack leader.

Once you have convinced your dog that you are the pack leader outside then upon reaching the point where he usually is aggressive you will find that he will actually start to take notice of how you are behaving! If you aren’t then your dog will probably continue to ignore what you are doing at this point forever.

Just remember, dogs are pack animals and they follow the pack leader.

One of the best examples of a professional dog trainer putting this all into practice is The Online Dog Trainer. The site has live videos of this method being demonstrated and explains exactly how to stop dog aggression by simply convincing your dog that you are the pack leader.


The Online Dog Trainer.

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