Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or, the Hound of the Baskervilles?

by Steve
(Maryland, near D.C.)

We adopted a five month old Cane Corso mix named Blue. For two years she has been the favorite dog in town. Literally. People at the grocery store or library would ask about him. He was the favorite at the dogpark or doggie daycare. Blue played well with all sizes or breeds of dogs and people.

About three Months ago he became very aggressive toward people and dogs. Not at home. He takes care of my Son's 4 month old Belgian Shep and loves to play with my other son's 2 Bulldogs.

Blue has torn the pants off one neighbor who had known and played with him for two years. Then he put two smaller dogs in the hospital, which had cost us $3000 so far.

Now, there was some provocation from the two smaller dogs. One took his food and the other two attacked the puppy Belgian Shepherd. bluegrass one of the dog attacked puppy and dislocated her shoulder.

Since then, he has been very leash aggressive and very protective of the backyard.

I guess Blue is what is called a bandogge. He is 120 pounds and is very hard to control on a leash. Like any bandogge,, he is plascid at home and very gentle around the family, but it's getting harder on the neighbors.

The whole family loves Blue completely but we've got to get him trained. there are so many different theories on how to deal with it all, and my wife and I are in disagreement over them.

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Jul 15, 2013
by: Steve

Thanks a lot. We've got a new trainer coming by tomorrow to help us out with reworking the basics snd hopefully beyond.

Jul 08, 2013
by: Steve

Blue has successfully completed basic obedience class. Doing the same. time that he has become more aggressive, he has also given up on some of his obedience. He has basically stopped coming when called and will not stay when placed in a sit. When we take him out now, he wears a halti harness and a muzzle.

We are interviewing two trainers, and have an appointment with a behaviorist vet in Sept.

A common suggestion from both trainers, I've been to keep him away from our back fence. Which is to say give him some boundary discipline. we can't currently afford a dog run, nor will our condominium community allow one. So the suggestion have been a while we are out with him to put him on a chain that is too short for him to reach the fence. Tonight we tried it for the first time, and he snapped the clasp with his first run in fact broke a class on his collar as well as the chain.

Blue is very big and very strong, and I've got to find some way to control thim so that I can walk him myself. I would like to eventually wtrain him to help me and some problems I have.

Jul 05, 2013
Work boundary training exercises
by: Adam G. Katz

Here's what I advise:

1. Get a muzzle.

2. Teach the dog obedience exercises, so that he learns he must hold a sit-stay and down-stay, regardless of distractions.

3. Make him hold these commands (gradually) around more stimulating environments. If he shows aggression, correct him back into the sit-position. All while you're working with him or in public, he should be wearing the muzzle until you get him so that he's not longer showing the aggression.

4. Work boundary training exercises, which will quickly teach him what "No" means.

5 Use the "No" command if he shows any aggression.

Right now, he either doesn't understand what "No!" means; Or he doesn't trust that you'll keep him safe.

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