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Jul 11, 2014
I have the same kind of dog, (schnoodle)
by: Anonymous

my dog is completely the same way. if you don't keep up with telling her no, the dog will stay that way. because my dog has a spot on the couch and gets agressive if she is bothered. try a spray bottle or just simply putting her in a cage or pinning her mouth shut and telling her no

Nov 29, 2011
Be A Pack Leader
by: Adam G. Katz

You have a leadership issue.

And you're making the assumption that she "knows" she's doing something wrong. Which is debatable. But even if she does... it begs the question: She knows it's wrong, but she looks you in the eye and does it, anyway?

You need to establish yourself as the pack leader. The way we do this is by starting with the "Nothing In Life Is Free program, and also correcting her for the aggression with either the pinch collar or the e-collar. What you're currently doing is simply not a motivational way to correct the dog.

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