Aggressive Great Pyrenees

by Kylie J.
(Richmond, VA )

Ok so i have had my dog for about four years, and i also have a husy that i have had for about one year. Zues the great pyrenees, is always antaginyzing apache my husky. Zues has always been the best dog in the world, he would always go where he was supposed to do what he was told. Ever since apache grew up to one years old, they would be getting into fights. When they had their first fight it was zues who would start threm. We would never know what happened because zues would growl over stupid stuff, etc: apche eating moving howling. We would always think oh its know big deal its just a phase.Well then zues got off his collar one day and bit somebody. Iwas shocked because i kne w he was a good dog, but why would he bite someone? My mom would always say he is jealous, and i think that is the issue. One day { just happened recently } my mom told zues to go to his kennel from the back yard cause we wouldtell him " kennel " and he would go, well he decided to wait by my moms car tire and wait for apapche to ome around. So apache came around and BAM zues had attacked him. Nobody knew why this happened, it just did. My mom is always telling my dad that its not apache causeing the issues its zues, and all he says is " he is a good watch dog ". I just dont know what to do with them they are always fighting zues's behavior is getting worse and nothing seems to work any more. So if anybody reads this, can you please leave a comment on what i should do or what should happen. Thanks.

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Employ the nothing in life is free approach
by: Adam G. Katz

Employ the "Nothing In Life Is Free" approach, so that your dog starts to view you as the "pack leader." If your dog doesn't see you as the leader, then your corrections will be meaningless. So, if you're doing subtle things (inadvertently) to undermine your leadership role around the house-- it will be counter-productive.

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