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Why take the gamble. Your kids are more important.
by: Anonymous

The dog is a poorly bred Rottweiler. The majority of the ones in America are not even close to the standards they hold in Germany. Don't buy a book and help someone get rich. Keep your children away from the animal. They will get bit and so will you. In the old days a dog that showed human aggression would have been put down immediately the same way this one should. If you choose not to listen then you will get what you asked for. It's common sense.I am going through the same thing with my relatives Rott puppy. I have owned several of these dogs in the past and socialized all of them and every single one of them bit someone multiple times. They get worse as they get older. I am not selling anything, just giving you some good advice for free so take it.

Owners Need To Learn
by: Adam

Really, you have a human-issue, not a dog issue.

That being said: You can experience a 100% turn around in the dog's behavior in about a day and a half. Here's what you need to do:

1. Learn how to establish a proper relationship between you and the puppy. This is a dominant, working dog breed. And you (and your family) need more skill to deal with this dog, than you would with your other dogs.

2. You need to learn how to give a meaningful correction, so that your "No" command is both understood and has meaning.

I go into how to do this in my book, Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer ...

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