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by: Bonnie

I just got a mixed miniature half Chihuahua and yorkie mix, he constantly barks, but the biting and the nipping he does really does hurt. I have a 4yr old greatgrandson around all the time. how do I get him to know the difference between biting and playing. I am using the word no, and with one finger tapping his nose once when I say the command, this is already our third day with him and he does it more and more. What am I doing wrong or how can I correct this and he loves biting wood as well as us.

Establish a Proper Relationship
by: Adam G. Katz

Really, you have a human-issue, not a dog issue.

That being said: You can experience a 100% turn around in the dog's behavior in about a day and a half. Here's what you need to do:

1. Learn how to establish a proper relationship between you and the puppy. You (and your family) need more skill to deal with this dog, than you would with other dogs.

2. You need to learn how to give a meaningful correction, so that your "No" command is both understood and has meaning.

I go into how to do this in my book, Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer ...

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