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Fellow dog owner
by: Anonymous

Instead of yelling a command you want to sternly establish that this behavior will NOT be accepted. When he begins terrorizing his house mates try squirting him with a water bottle and sternly saying NO (you want an assertive tone but do not raise your voice). Try a "stay" command - if he is not familiar with this command you want to teach it to him. You will need to be consistent with this. Squirting, being assertive, and making him stay. Eventually he will realize that every time he gets too aggressive with the house mates he will have to sit out and be ignored and will eventually stop this behavior all together. Sometimes chasing and yelling at a pup can be either a traumatic experience or a joyous one so you should never take that approach. Always remain calm, patient, and assertive with your pup. Never use physical or harsh punishments. Try the water bottle first. If this has no affect you can try clapping your hands loudly as a replacement.

I am not a dog trainer, just a dog owner sharing a method that has worked well for my own pups. Hope this helps!

Fighting Dogs
by: Adam G. Katz

You need to:

1. Establish yourself as the pack leader.

2. Put both dogs on a "Nothing In Life Is Free" program.

3. Do not leave these dogs together unsupervised.

4. Get both dogs fixed/neutered/spayed.

5. Keep a leash and collar on both dogs, when you're with them-- so that you can start correcting the aggression.

Adam G. Katz is the author of, "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!" -- which you can find at

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