4 1/2 month old St Bernard pup nipping HARD

by Shelby
(Sandy, Utah)

Ok so my puppy is large. She is going to be a large dog. She is a mix between a Swiss Mountain Dog and St. Bernard. My ex boyfriend let her gnaw on his hands and put her leash in her mouth in order to "leash train" her. Major backfire. She does well with other dogs-but with people it is a whole different story. Just like the above post-she goes for hands and feet, even calves. She passed a doggie interview and I kennled her for 3 days. First two days back home she was angelic-then it all started again. So I am considering a kennel training program. We purchased her as an emotional support dog but she is causing additional anxiety! When she is tired or calm she is a dream. But when her puppy energy kicks in no one can handle her. We have to put her in an empty room-doors closed until she calms down. If we play aggressively with her it just makes the problem worse and she escelates quickly. I am so frustrated and can't afford an expensive program...but Because of her size I do not know what else to do! Intook her to a leash free public dog park to let her run. That was fantastic but a woman was there with her young disabled son. My dog is so cute everyone wants to touch her. I kept saying no, mom didn't step in, so we left. Aaargh! There are MANY places I can take her if I win the lottery. But what do I do in the mean time?!?!?! Her nips are hard. Her teeth are like razor blades. She already weighs in at a very lean 55lbs. If she nips a stranger in a couple of months it potentially could be serious.

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Saint Bernard biting
by: Anonymous

You have just described my 15 week old Male Saint Bernard. Did your dog grow out of this behavior eventually

Nothing In Life Is Free
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