Aggressive boxer puppy

by Brittany
(Spotsylvania, VA)

Three weeks ago we brought home two boxer puppies. They are from different breeders. The female is 10 weeks old and the male is 12 weeks old. The male was already neutered when we brought him home. He had an umbilical hernia and they neutered him during the corrective surgery. Over the last week I've been having trouble with the males attitude. He's very sweet and loving, but he gets really angry. The first time I wrote it off as he was over excited because it was while he was playing with the female, but now it's becoming more of an issue. For example, he wants to sit with you and it paws and head are resting on your leg, but you need to get up to do something. Even if he is awake and aware you are about to gently move him off of you he will begin to snarl, show his teeth, and clamp down on any part of you he can grab including your face. Now I'm very use to puppies being puppies, but his playful puppy bite and growl are completely different than this snarl and this latch on and not let go. This does seem to happen a lot when he's worn out which would make sense, but still not acceptable behavior. Unfortunately, it's not the only time he will act like that. Sometime we he's playing with our female he seems to get pissed off suddenly. It doesn't hurt or upset the younger female because she's more outgoing and doesn't let him push her around, but he's bigger and he's going to continue to be bigger and stronger than her and I don't want them to have issues with each other. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've raise many puppies, but I've never had to correct an issue where one was moody or aggressive and I don't really want to label him aggressive, but I can't have him grow up and act this way towards people or other animals. Also, he's not aggressive around his food or toys. We have two older dogs that he gets along great with so far. This issue seems to be when he's nudged or moved and sometimes he's not tired or worn out at all and begins to act this way.

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Nothing In Life Is Free
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